I got a rare opportunity in my home town to capture action shots of motorcyclist during the AMCA beach Race in Skegness.

This was the first time I had ever taken photographs of a motor sport, I wanted to catch the action in a still image and I think I did this, it took me 2 hours of watching a race which to my surprise was rather tame.

AMCA Beach Race Skegness

I was surprised I was expecting to be frustrated for missing the best shot with bikes flying passed me, crashes and air leaps, but in fact the frustration came from waiting for something to happen.

I wanted action shots, I looked up my competition on the official AMCA website, there was at least one guy who had a fancy camera and access to the race up close, I was surprised to see he hadn’t got any action shots showing movement.

What can I say I like my pictures to say something.

My son and hubby got bored within 15 minutes of watching the AMCA Beach Race last winter in 2010, but they stuck with me for 2 hours on a cold beach in December (they do love me :))

The Challenge got me through 2 hours of motorbike racing, my hubby and son wasn’t so lucky, I think I will be going alone this year to the AMCA Beach Race to get some more photographs of the bikers and the race :).