I deliberately took this picture of a fishing Boat with a wonky horizon. I was experimenting with trying to make the scene look more interesting, I like to call this Photographic technique ‘Wonkying’ :)

I know this will irritate people who like to follow text book Photography to the letter.

Fishing Boat at Skegness

Photographer Marie Law

In the past on my other photography site that I set up for my whole family I had people comment on how the horizon was off by a fraction on some other landscape Photographs and how it would have made it a better photo to straighten the horizon, but whats the fun in that :)

I have to admit though this technique should only be used sparingly or you can start to feel seasick when viewing lots of pictures that have a wonky horizon.

Slightly off no one normal will notice, but excessive and it can be like being put on fast spin in a washing machine, so although it’s fun to do occasionally don’t make the mistake of doing it a lot or it looses it’s appeal and will ruin your carpet :).

If every picture is taken with all errors edited out it’s cheating the spirit of photography IMO there’s no such thing as a straight horizon in real life, take it how you see it is my philosophy.

My first rule in Photography is ‘have fun’ break all the rules in photography :)