I took this piece of Landscape photography on my way home from visiting Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve in Skegness.

There was a large cluster of wild daisies on the roadside so I jumped out of the car obviously stopped it first :) and took this photograph.

I really like the perspective and contrast between the road and the surrounding countryside, with all the focal points in the picture ending on the same spot.

Daisies on the

Photographer Marie Law

I’m not 100% sure my piece of photography could be classed in the classic sense as Landscape Photography, since Landscape Photography usually a whole scene, a vast depiction of the overall beauty of the breath taking landscape before you.

My picture is a close up image of a scene, but I didn’t know what else to call it other than a piece of landscape photography :).

I didn’t know this but apparently some roadside now in the UK are classed as nature reserves.