I was within 6 feet of these two baby barn owls, they sat looking at me for a few minutes before they lost their nerve and flew back inside their hide.

Barn Owls

I had everything against me while I was trying to take the barn owls picture, just the fact it was growing dark with my camera was a massive issue, my camera hates low light conditions, but natured decided to obstruct a clear shot :)

My camera focused on the trees in front of the barn owls, the best Image I could get was their them blured in the background.

It was a pure pleasure to be that close to wild barn owls, I can live with a blurred shot.

The Photos not that bad, it’s quiet interesting and unusual, so I’m happy with it :)

We’ve been keeping an eye on these baby barn owls for some time and although they have had adult feathers for quiet some time, their still in the nest and being fed by the parents, saw one of the adult barn owls just last night bringing in food for the babies (9th August) I thought barn owl chicks left the nest while they were still fluffy.