Pictures I took on Skegness beach in Lincolnshire on the east coast of England during the AMCA beach race in 2011

It has been the second year the AMCA Motocross has taken place in Skegness, the AMCA beach race happens between October/December time off season to bring in the crowds during a quiet time of year for Skegness in hope of extending the holiday season.

Thousands attended on the AMCA race days over the two day weekend in November 2011.

AMCA Skegness Beach Race Motocross
AMCA Motobikes

The Video is of picture I took of the beach race on the Saturday of the AMCA Quads and Sidecars endurance race, the race lasts a whopping 3 hours for the bike riders to complete.

If anyone who organises the AMCA track layout, the track is the wrong way round for photographers. We can’t get good shots with the sun in our eyes and we end up missing a lot of the action and jumps, most of my pictures came out as silhouettes when the sun came out.

Skegness Beach Race

The track needs to start on north parade on the other side of the beach ‘WINK’ :)

AMCA Motocross
AMCA Sidecar Beach Race Skegness
AMCA Race Skegness
AMCA Motocross Beach Race Skegness